module (plural: modules)

  1. A self-contained component of a system, often interchangeable, which has a well-defined interface to the other components.
  2. (architecture) A standard unit of measure used for determining the proportions of a building.
  3. (computing) A section of a program; a subroutine.
  4. (mathematics) A set of quantities closed under addition and subtraction.
  5. A unit of education covering a single topic.

6 letters in word "module": D E L M O U.

No anagrams for module found in this word list.

Words found within module:

de del demo do doe dol dole dom dome doum due duel dule duo ed el eld elm em emu led ledum leu leud lo lode lome lomed loud lud lude ludo lum me med mel meld meou meu mo mod mode model moe mol mold mole mou moue mould mu mud mule muled od ode odeum oe old olde ole oleum olm om ou oud ould udo ule um

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